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Nov 6, 2020

A gendarme looks on as a convoy leaves the gendarmerie Charleville-Mezieres, northeastern France on October 26, 2020, en route to Villes-sur-Lume, where French serial killer Michel Fourniret is accused to have held captive and murdered nine-year-old Estelle Mouzin in 2003, as part of the investigation into the location of the girl’s body. – Michel Fourniret and his ex-wife Monique Olivier where ordered by a judge to be present at the investigation on October 26 in hopes of finding Mouzin’s body after unsuccessful searches in June. A source close to the investigation said a convoy transporting the duo, who have both confessed to the crime, arrived at the location in front of the house where Olivier claims that her ex-husband kidnapped, raped and killed Estelle Mouzin. The aim of the onsite visit is to rekindle the memories of the 78-year-old serial killer, whose convoluted statements and memory problems complicate the investigators’ task. Fourniret, jailed for life in May 2008 for the murder of seven girls and young women, has been charged over Mouzin’s disappearance. (Photo by FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI / AFP)

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